Our Team

We are a team of professionals with international experience in developing small to large-scale websites, applications, print publications and social media campaigns. Our unique approach, philosophy and work ethic have resulted in long-lasting business success for our clients.

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Mulumba Lwatula

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Techie, Creative, Farmer, African. TEDGlobal 2007 Fellow and former United Nations staff member with over 15 years of international experience in design and web/applications development.

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Ingrid Skosana

Co-Founder & Operations Director

Operations aficionado. Former Dupont South Africa with over 15 years experience in project coordination. Streamlines processes and whips projects and teams into shape.

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Mukuka Mayuka

Social Media Director

Social media enthusiast. Former legal associate. Latent blogger. All round collaborator and business ideas person. Over 8 years experience in social media strategy, policy and ideation.